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Bret Warshawsky and Chris Larcombe once created an initial Noomap of the Décentrale: (update: offline when I last checked)

Noomap - a tool for change / Holon mapping and social weaving

I'm looking for Teal & “Alert” Entrepreneurs to explore Noomap and co-create with us.. Bring your Gifts into our community, and flourish. Noomap are visionaries, and we know what we don't know. In order for us to realize our intentions, we need you! Please bring your insight, innovation, wisdom and joy and co-create with us. Explore being part of our community and how we can synergize with you in realizing some of your visions and intentions in the world.

CRITICIZE by CREATING: A guide for Idealists, Innovators and Entrepreneurs

The following passages are direct quotes from the above PDF:

“Then you have the “alert” entrepreneurs. The economist Israel Kirzner thought this special sort of person could position himself in the real world and engage in a kind of discovery process. This process involved alertness to opportunities for simple arbitrage or sharing the visions of the creatives and realizing them through putting resources, capital, and people together in such a way that could make the world a better place. And again, a movement rooted in the idea of maximizing human flourishing needs these go-getters.”

What are the qualities of those who would participate in inventing the future? First, we need the creatives. These are the folks who see the world not as it is, but as it could be. They’re the visionaries whose disposition is to iterate in their minds, combining and recombining elements of the world to create new things with new uses. They’re the dreamers, the “crazy” ones.


Not everyone can invent the future—at least not in the Menlo Park sense. Some of us are good at imagining the future and letting others work at developing it. Others of us are great at implementing, but we need to hitch our work wagons to a visionary. And all of that’s all right. But as Nike ads say, we have to “just do it.”


For more info about Noomap, we have several 'work-in-progress' documents you can visit to begin comprehending what we are about, and our vision, and the emergent ways we intend to realize it. Some of these Docs will be out of context, or obtuse (for many). Just put aside preconceptions and begin imagining the applications and uses for Holonic Technology, Synergistic Co-creation, Cultural Designs from a worldview that shifts from flat to round to Holons.

I am sharing these unfinished documents because we are 100% committed to our purpose and vision, and our evolving intentions. And, we want more.. to be the greatest, grandest, most beautiful beings that help make the world an even more wonderful place to live and love. There is no elevator pitch or pitch deck or business plan in here. Help us fit in the missing pieces.

Here a few videos (creative expressions and our original (old now) Noomap video intro).

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