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Sociocracy reduced to the max

(to apply on constellation model contexts)

opening/check-in: no time limit, any topic, no discussion/reaction

gong: reset button

seven principles: empiricism, effectiveness, transparency, continuous improvement, accountability (roles), equivalence (in the circle everybody is the same), consent


artful participation, don’t repeat what has been said already, being present (no distraction/eye contact/body language feedback),

  • first round: explanation and clarifying questions
  • second round opinions
  • third round: refinements, proposals
  • fourth round: objections (blocking objections, the proposal would endanger the project)

discussions should happen in working groups, the meetings are for consenting, not discussing

finding the driver: what do we want to achieve together

peach organisation with primary circles in the outer and service circles in the inner

uplink and downlink *can* be the same person some times, specially in peach orgs

—> fractal org mixed with peach… fractal also opens door to work / integrate with groups that constitute themselves and may not be doing socioratic circles

the logbook keeper can’t be also facilitator or vice-versa… it never works

sociocratic election: write down the name of the person you think should do that role, afterwards, sharing the names and explaining the reasons.

constitution… circles vs groups / working groups

closing/check-out: no discussion/reaction

(notes from workshop with Robert in October 2016)

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