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What is it? :

  1. A time out or “getting away from “
  2. A period of contemplation and finding solutions to challenges.
  3. A time of separation from usual, everyday reality to connect with the broader, collective reality.


In today's hectic digital world we are constantly assaulted by electronic images and inputs that give us no time to consider at our own leisure and indeed. We also are dealing with the stresses and strains of normal everyday life and what goes with it. We counter this reality by over stimulation and unhealthy living. In this environment its is difficult to find quiet answers that are the best answers to our big challenges .

That may include - how we eat- how we live- how we interact with others- how we deal with our transportation issues… how we medicate ourselves… how we deal with relationships…. As a result of this non stop disposable life we live in the 21st century… we place undue strain on our work and home environments. Social and economic and health issues result in a degree of unhappiness and unfulfillment… this is largely because there is no time to think… no time to work it out for yourself…

What we are offering here at Mont Soleil is another way.

What we are saying is …give yourself a break! - come to Switzerland … come to the mountains - not to meditate..not to socialise ( although that's ok) - but simply to contemplate these and other societal issues of modern living… in the context of working and observing with others. It’s a time out to figure it out. Not alone but in a group of like minded people.

In our normal day to day lives..we simply do not have the time to think about it- never mind to act upon it. We are far too stretched and far too stressed!

Now there's an opportunity to work things out at your swiss sequester.

It's not like lying on a beach or sitting in front of a guru and meditating… this is both an individual and a collective processing of your thoughts and an interchange of ideas …a bouncing off if you like… a resonating….

We have identified the mind as the playing field of our new broader reality. In society as we know it we struggle to enter into a superconscious state and simply go from a subconscious - sleep state directly to a conscious awakened state that requires constant stimulation...we avoid the most creative part of our consciousnesses which is the superconscious state between sleeping and awakening.

By identifying this problem we can find a better solution both individually and collectively.

By separating yourself from what is “ normal “ to what is “abnormal”- ie not your usual routine…we find that other parts of your brain become active…

…those parts that were dormant simply because…you simply had no time to think and to exercise that process of thought and its logical conclusions… as time goes by in the matrix we discover we become time slaves- by saying “time is money.”..instead of time masters by saying …”time is life!

What we are offering here in La Decentrale Co operative on the Mountain of Sun ( Mont Soleil ) is a unique chance to awaken yourself through collective self empowerment and a period of sequestering yourself from the “norm.” A chance not only to change your inner world…but also the entire world as you perceive it to be.

You are your own guru.

The Process of the Swiss Sequester explained :

We've divided the process of what happens when you remove yourself from your “normal” environment and put yourself in an” alien” environment without the constant assault on your conscious mind. This is a setting apart to give yourself time to work it all out in your head both individually and collectively.

It's a series of visible and invisible actions which lead to that “ Eureka! “ moment which makes your time on Earth more effective and valuable to yourself and to others!..

Not only do you help yourself - but also you find you are actually helping the whole world at the same time unconsciously…or without effort.

Here is our 5 step “programme”:

  1. SEPARATE - you separate yourself from your normal environment .
  2. CONTEMPLATE- you give yourself time to think through active contemplation and interaction with others
  3. ASSIMILATE- You digest new ways of thinking within your older ways of thinking.
  4. INTEGRATE- You find ways to externalise these new ways into your own normal environment as you perceive it to be. To put your ideas into action.
  5. POSTULATE- you send your clear thought into the world - into the universe like a tennis ball into space…and you become effective. You bring the change from within to the change without. From internalising to externalising and actualising. By postulating consciously you create a self perpetuating thought reality into the future world or society.

How does it work?

Depending on which part of the year you decide to take your “swiss sequester” ( Spring - Summer - Autumn or Winter) you come with an open mind -both as an individual looking for answers as well as an individual seeking to work with others in transforming the new in the shadow of the old!

You come with the intention of shifting your perspective and your fixed paradigms -or ideas… your reality as you see it now…to a new paradigm as you’ve understood it in both solitude and safety and socially and securely.

We have scheduled the entire year into “ birds of a feather “ groups that will assist you to interact effectively with those whom you meet here on the property. You book in advance as we only have 10 places for every group and no more. For example if you feel more affinity to group topics of economics or the environment- you book your sequester in those time slots.

Your swiss sequester is an awakening both individually and collectively ;and it is as good as you make it to be. It's not a static meditative experience but a dynamic awakening. Therefore, it's vital you engage with others and the environment you find yourself in. However, there’s no set “rules”- it's a flow and a exchange of energy and ideas between those who are here; and who are participating in this collective group synergetical experience.

(Of course there's plenty of time for walks in the countryside and other contemplative activities, or group activities such as cooking -gardening or socialising.

At the end of the day what happens is up to you… this is the space and the place that will give you the grace! …And the time to create this new reality and put it into actuality!.

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